About Pioneer Healthcare Limited

Pioneer Healthcare is an independent healthcare sector provider that provides a wide range of adult services to NHS, privately insured and self pay patients. Our NHS services are provided in partnership with independent healthcare sector private hospitals across England and we focus on sub-specialities in neurosurgical, orthopaedic, oral and maxillofacial, cosmetic, ophthalmic, general and urological practice.

We believe excellence should be the primary goal in any endeavour and in medicine this means providing the patient with the best solution available for their problem within the shortest possible waiting times, with the best possible clinical outcome. The core values that drive us centre on the highest quality of care, from GP referral to the end of treatment, which is delivered through a multi-disciplinary team approach. The treatment solutions we offer are patient focused and delivered by consultants who have thorough and up to date knowledge of their respective fields.

Pioneer Healthcare’s clinicians provide compassion combined with knowledge and experience. All currently hold NHS posts and are well recognised in their chosen fields.

Our services are provided within the private sector at reputable hospitals where consultations, diagnostic and operative procedures, and follow up treatments are carried out in first class facilities in a relaxed environment. We provide qualified consultants and administrative management and support services for Independent Sector providers across the UK.