Functional planning and design

The Pioneer Healthcare International approach to healthcare planning and design is operationally and clinically led and evidenced based.

The focus on People, Functionality, and Site, each of which are key considerations in the creation of an appropriate and therapeutic environment. Pioneer Healthcare International's clinical advisers and healthcare planners always carry out a needs-based assessment based on the feasibility study to ensure the facility to be designed and built is able to meet international standards of care and is appropriate for the site and the local culture. The well being of staff, patients, and their families is fundamental to the effective delivery of healthcare services. Pioneer Healthcare International always responds in a positive and flexible manner to the specific needs of patients and staff, in the knowledge that good design will accelerate the healing process.

Converting the outline scope of services to be provided, as described in a feasibility study, into a functional, safe, high quality and cost effective building design is a critical element of any project. This not only requires an in-depth knowledge of medical and other healthcare services, building design, architecture, mechanical and electrical and IT service provision but also a comprehensive understanding of how a hospital works on a day to day basis. Pioneer Healthcare International with its skilled clinicians and experienced partners brings these functions together, combines them with specific local requirements to ensure the hospital is suited to the environment in which it is constructed and delivers high quality healthcare through cost effective low maintenance, Ecco saving building solutions.

Operational management

Pioneer Healthcare International has wide ranging hospital management expertise and provides professional qualified key managers, or key executive management teams, to ensure the efficient, effective and financially sustainable operation of healthcare facilities.

Pioneer Healthcare International managers work with local staff transferring skills and knowledge such that they are able to take over from our international management teams within a planned and realistic timeframe

With valuable experience gained both in the public and private sectors and in the UK and overseas Pioneer Healthcare International Directors involvement in the operational management of a facility provides comfort and assurance to investors and sponsors.

Recruitment, education and training

Pioneer Healthcare International has a track record in the recruitment, training and ongoing continuous professional development of international healthcare staff. PHI with is partners can provide accredited graduate and post graduate training and education to cover a wide range of requirements.

Accreditation and quality assurance programs

Pioneer Healthcare International can deliver the appropriate Accreditation Institution and Quality Assurance Program to any project around the world using international standard accreditation bodies including JCI and the UK CQC (Care Quality Commission). Very senior clinicians from leading UK hospitals and high quality individuals are engaged by Pioneer Healthcare International in ensuring that the highest standards are created and maintained for our clients. Pioneer Healthcare International develops and helps maintain Medical Advisory Boards (MAB) in each of its hospitals it manages.