Patient Information

Pioneer Healthcare provides NHS services in partnership with independent sector private hospitals across England.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

If your GP feels that you need referring for one of the services provided by a Consultant sourced by Pioneer Healthcare at one of our collaborating independent hospitals, your GP may book the appointment via an electronic booking system called the e-Referral Service (eRS) that will enable them to book at your hospital of choice.   This means that you can choose the best date and time for you and then your appointment can be made at one of our partner private hospitals for whom we undertake administrative services and source the best specialist consultants.  Alternatively a paper based request for an appointment is sent by your GP to the corresponding Pioneer Healthcare office and an appointment is given.

What Happens At The Appointment?

If you have had any imaging (X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans etc.) prior to your referral then we need to make sure these are available at the time of your appointment for the Consultant to review them, along with the referral by your GP and any other relevant information.

Your appointment will be in the out-patient clinic and there are a number of different outcomes:

  • You may be discharged, in which case there is no further action to be taken.
  • You may be listed for surgery.
  • You may require X-rays or MRI scans and these are arranged for you and confirmed.
  • Some patients may not fit into the criteria for treatment by Pioneer Healthcare Limited (as specified on the electronic booking system) and these patients are referred back to their General Practitioner with advice as to where to refer.

Why Will I Need a Follow-up Appointment?

If you needed to have any investigations (eg. X-rays, MRI scan) that your Consultant requested, you will be reviewed again when these have been completed in the follow-up clinic so that your Consultant can assess you and you can both agree on a suitable form of treatment, if necessary.  Again, there are a number of outcomes:

  • You may be discharged, in which case there is no further action to be taken.
  • You may need to be reviewed again to monitor progress.
  • You may be listed for surgery.

What Happens If I Need To Have Surgery?

If the Consultant thinks that the best course of action is to have surgery, this is your choice and you will be consulted in every step of the way from your initial referral to the end of treatment.

If you decide to proceed with surgery then you will no doubt have many questions.  We hope to have answered some of these here in our Surgery FAQ.

Following surgery, you are discharged with arrangements to come back for follow-up in clinic again.

Once this follow-up takes place and your treatment is deemed a success, you will be subsequently discharged back to your GP.